Are you looking for a painting contractor to do work on your home or business? If so, you likely started your search by asking around for recommendations. It is always nice to get a recommendation from a friend or family member because it can help you narrow your search. Occasionally, you may get a recommendation from a friend for a contractor that is just starting out or does work on the side. The first, and most obvious, thing you want to know in that situation is about the quality of their work. But, before you look at examples of their work, you need to ask if they are a licensed contractor. Licensing may seem like an insignificant detail when it comes to choosing a painting contractor but it is actually one of the most important factors to consider. Working with a licensed contractor, as opposed to using an unlicensed contractor, can provide you with protection and peace of mind throughout the process.


Working with a licensed contractor will protect you from people who are not serious about the work. It takes a certain amount of effort and preparation to get licensing from the state as a painting contractor. This shows you that the contractor you are considering is serious enough about their work to put in the effort. Using a licensed contractor will also protect you if something goes wrong during the process. As a condition of their licensing, painting contractors have to maintain a certain standard of work and interaction with clients. If there is ever a situation where you and the contractor cannot get on the same page, there are precedents in place to dictate how those issues should be handled.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a painting contractor you have to put a certain level of trust into whoever you use. You trust them enough to allow them inside your home or business. In addition, you agree to pay them for their services. You have to be confident that the contractor you choose will do work that is worth the cost. Going with a painting contractor who is licensed can give you peace of mind about your choice. The process of getting and remaining licensed shows good faith on the part of the contractor and can provide you with a lot of confidence in their ability to do the work professionally.

It absolutely does matter if the painting contractor you’re considering is licensed. You leave yourself open to more risk and possibly financial loss if you choose to go with someone who is not licensed. Make licensing an essential on your list of requirements as you continue your search for a painting contractor.